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3 tips for keeping down the cost of your divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2022 | Divorce |

Divorces can be expensive. They have the potential to drag out for many months or years, too, making you spend more time with your attorney (which can add up to a lot more money).

If you end up with a conflict with your spouse, then you could be looking at thousands of dollars spent on your divorce over time…and the number will grow until the divorce is finalized.

How can you cut down on the cost of a divorce?

Fortunately, you have some options to minimize the cost of your divorce. Here are three tips to help.

  1. Get organized to save time with your attorney

The first thing to do is to get organized. The less time you have to spend going over legal items the better. Bring all the documents your attorney wants with you, and have them organized and ready to go before the meeting.

  1. Cut back on conflict to avoid legal costs

Avoid conflict at all costs. If you can, try mediation or arbitration to resolve disputes. If that won’t work, you may want to consider having your attorney speak directly with your spouse’s attorney, so you don’t end up with conflicts caused by an unwillingness to communicate.

  1. Be ready to negotiate with your spouse to move on

Finally, be ready to negotiate. Being unwilling to agree to any suggested settlements or arrangements will only make your divorce harder. If you can, figure out what your basic needs are, and then focus on getting what you need out of the divorce. Don’t just refuse to negotiate because you’re angry or frustrated, because doing so will only delay your divorce and end up costing you more.

Divorces can get expensive, but being reasonable helps

While divorce can be expensive, you have the option of working with your spouse instead of against them. If you can come up with a reasonable settlement offer or are able to minimize the conflicts you have before going to family court, you’re going to be in a better position and be able to minimize the expenses that you have to deal with.