Successful Representation Across Multiple Areas Of Law

Aggressive And Effective Commercial Litigation Representation

Getting to the bottom of a legal dispute is an essential part of resolving it. That is, understanding the nature of a conflict deserves careful investigation. Building compelling legal arguments is equally as important. With a focus on the bottom line, at the Law Offices of Harvey A. Arnoff, our commercial litigation attorneys work hard to implement effective strategies in partnership with our clients. We draw on rich experience and extensive knowledge.

Our litigation style is aggressive, and our approach with our clients is consultative. Ideally, a party in a commercial dispute should be well-prepared to choose wisely when it comes time to decide whether to settle or take a case before a judge. To that end, our lawyers clearly explain legal concepts and discuss our clients’ cases with them thoroughly. We believe that our clients should have a firm grasp of their rights and opportunities. Transparency is a key element of our attorney-client relationships.

Our Litigation Areas

No legal challenge having to do with business organization or commerce lies outside of our firm’s areas of focus. We adeptly handle all litigation matters related to businesses, including the following:

  • Contract and partnership disputes; shareholder disputes
  • Employment law violation claims; employer-employee disputes; noncompete and trade secret violations
  • Consumer complaints and civil lawsuits against companies
  • Breach of contract claims, tortious interference claims and general business torts
  • Intellectual property issues
  • Purchase and sale agreement disputes
  • Business fraud allegations
  • State law and code violations
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Securities violations

We zealously stand up for our clients’ rights and interests, regardless of their roles in disputes. We treat each client with compassion and respect while striving to get their legal conflicts resolved quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Why Choose The Law Offices Of Harvey A. Arnoff?

Many strengths of our law firm enable us to do our best work for our clients. A dedicated staff helps our lawyers take care of details in a timely manner and keep communication channels open. Our strong work ethic and positive track record put our legal opponents on notice that we know what it takes to win a case. We enjoy a favorable reputation in the legal community and often receive attorney referrals.

If you are facing a business or commercial legal challenge, we look forward to hearing from you at your earliest opportunity. You may reach us by calling 631-801-5401 or sending a message through this website.