Successful Representation Across Multiple Areas Of Law

Client Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from satisfied clients of the Law Offices of Harvey A. Arnoff.

Showed Professionalism And In-Depth Knowledge

“I want to thank Harvey Arnoff for his professionalism and in-depth knowledge of local municipal regulations. I was involved in litigation and while of course it was very stressful, Harvey kept me informed about the case as it progressed. Ultimately his experience as a past Town Attorney was very helpful in proving that the case against me had no merit.” – Bill T.

Has Guided Us In Good And Bad Times

“In today’s world, everyone needs an attorney, and there are many to choose from. Not for me there’s only one. I am honored to talk about how much I love having Harvey Arnoff as my attorney. Harvey has been our family attorney for almost two decades. He has represented us in all our real estate purchases, and sales, wills and living wills, mortgage issues and any legal issues that have come up. He has been our business attorney in whom we entrust our livelihood. He has guided us in good and bad times. And was invaluable at all times.

“We don’t just love Harvey, we have entrusted him to take care of many of our real estate clients and customers when thy sell or purchase their homes. That tells you a lot. We have also referred Harvey for land-use and zoning advice. We know many divorced friends who have either used Harvey’s legal services, or when opposed by Harvey had an experience they have not forgotten! Harvey has become a close family friend; he is at the same time an attorney in an old fashioned, trustworthy way, so hard to find these days, as one who fiercely represents his clients in the most modern of times and issues.

“If you want the most caring, trusting and professional attorney, who gets the do-able done, I can whole-heartedly recommend you hire Harvey. His staff is tremendous. Few attorneys equal his experience at the State and Federal Courts. And Harvey’s legal peer’s respect is something all the money in the world cannot buy you.” — Joan Bischoff van Heemskerck, RSPS, Executive Sales Manager North Fork & Shelter Island

He Immediately Put Me At Ease

“Harvey Arnoff and his team were invaluable in helping me through my difficult divorce. I was very distraught when I first met with him, and he immediately put me at ease by walking me through the process and advising on what information he needed to represent me to the best of his abilities. With his guidance I was able to deal with my overwhelming emotions and stay focused and organized. He answered my questions no matter how trivial they seemed, and his staff was also very responsive at all times. Most importantly I was able to keep everything in perspective and concentrate on being a good Mom to my children as we all dealt with this.” – Karen S.

Has Handled All My Business Legal Needs For 20 Years

“I have used Harvey Arnoff for all my business legal needs for over 20 years. Recently my business partner decided to end the partnership. I never thought I would find myself in this situation but with Harvey’s guidance we were able to negotiate a fair settlement and also prevent damage to my company’s reputation. I have recommended him to other business people I know and also to members of my family for setting up a family trust and handling other estate matters.” – George N.